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About LWI


LWI is a South African company that is excelled in water and environmental management for the past 16 years We are committed to providing unique tailor made and pre-fabricated water and waste water technology that is affordable robust and easy to operate.

South African is a water scarce country with a dwindling water resource. Besides the diminishing water resource, there is also a problem of pollution of the existing water bodies. One big source of this contamination is the is the numerous malfunctioning Wastewater treatment plants resulting in discharge of raw sewage into the rivers.

The greatest challenge for Municipalities has been the capital requirements for the construction of new waste water treatment infrastructure. The problem is certainly not a lack of engineering competence!

Our Mission | Our Team

LWI - Our vision is to globally compete for larger Waste Water Treatment plants. LWI - All our Waste Water Treatments plants have a 24 hour monitoring system.

Talk to us today to for your Custom Waste Water Treatment needs.

Our vision is to globally compete for larger Waste Water Treatment plants.

All our Waste Water Treatments plants have a 24 hour monitoring system.



The video above shows our first Waste Water Treatment plant which we built in 2006 on its 10th  year anniversary!

LWI Biokube Award Winning Technology LWI is a private company that provides innovative solutions for the treatment of municipal, industrial and residential drinking and water. Our Products range from small residential units of 700 litres per day to large municipal systems.

Award Winning Technology

LWI BioKube’s efficient decentral treatment maintains local Water resources at a minimum of cost and energy spending.

The main products and markets are

  1. Municipal WasteWater Treatment Plants
  2. Single house systems
  3. Systems for small cities, hotels and resorts
  4. Systems for Agricultural production facilities like dairies, abattoirs and vegetable factories
  5. Movable systems for mining industries, oil and gas industries, soil exploration etc.
  6. Water Storage Solutions

Standard pre-fabricated wastewater systems are delivered to the end-user ready for installation. LWI BioKube wastewater systems are internationally certified to treat wastewater according to the highest standards. The technology is easily adapted to fulfill any local cleaning requirements and standards.

LWI BioKube wastewater systems require very little service and maintenance while still retaining the ability to continuously clean the incoming wastewater according to the required specific local demands.

LWI BioKube wastewater systems combine the advantage of centralized treatment of wastewater effluent of high quality standard systems with the use of cost-competitive local Labour to install and service the wastewater systems.


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