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On-site wastewater treatment systems

We have a specific product range from the use of small wastewater treatment plans used by a household right up to municipal use. You can view pages for each product range under each title from this page or from the main menu.

Below are some of our videos showing our products being installed

Venus Installation for households

Jupiter 50 for larger systems

BioContainer Video

Containerized STPs for Oil and mining camps

BioContainer Systems are containerized Sewage Treatment Plants, most commonly used for treating waste water at camps, oil rig sites & remote locations. BioKube is not only offering odorless, low footprint treatment solutions, but is leading the industry to a greener more sustainable tomorrow with a deep focus on re-using treated watewater. Hence, in BioKube we see treated wastewater as a valuable asset that can add true value to your business. BioKube’s true value proposition is brought forward by our long reference list of satisfied customers. I hereby urge you to call Biokube today and arrange a meeting with one of our representatives to see an installed BioKube system and talk to the customer – one of your colleagues. That will speak for itself!

LWI - Containerized STPs for Oil and mining camps

Patented Danish technology for Hotels and Resorts:

BioKube has many options for treatment and reuse of wastewater for hotels and resorts in all sizes.

BioKube’s technology can help you optimize your hotel or resort´s operating costs significantly, by facilitating huge saving on your fresh water bill.

Treated wastewater can replace the use of freshwater for multiple purposes such as: irrigation, toilet flushing, car washing and cooling towers.

LWI Biokube - Patented Danish technology for Hotels and Resorts

Reuse of wastewater

LWI BioKube encourages usage of treated wastewater.

Treated wastewater is a valuable asset and can be reused.

LWI BioKube has more than 15 years experience in designing treatment systems with innovation in the re-use of treated wastewater.

LWI BioKube can design systems for many re-use purposes.

LWI Biokube - Reuse of wastewater

Municipal Wastewater

In 2006  LWI funded, designed and built the first prefabricated Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in South Africa. The plant is a  4,5 Ml/day plant in Ba-Phalaborwa, Limpopo. The plant was completed from design to commissioning in a record 6 months!

Commercial & Industrial Waste Water

LWI is a proud partner of Biokube from Denmark. We present Biokube’s patented wastewater technology for commercial applications such as high rise commercial buildings, hotels and resorts.

Domestic Wastewater

The LWI Biokube can also be sized to cater for homes with about as little as 5 people. Imagine a water treatment solution that allows you to recover all your wastewater for garden re-use, while protecting the environment by eliminating the discharge of wastewater into the ground! This solution can be scaled up for use in villages and small towns, residential estate

Water Storage Solutions

LWI also specialises in the production and supply of modular water storage solutions. Through our 10 year partnership with Buwatec (Netherlands). We provide simple yet robust water storage tanks for any application including but not limited to municipal drinking water, irrigation water storage, mining, agriculture, etc.

LWI Commercial & Industrial Waste Water LWI Domestic Wastewater LWI Water Storage Solutions LWI Municipal Wastewater

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